Is your refrigerator no longer as efficient as when you bought it? Do you realize that it’s time to replace it with another one, but you have no idea what to do with the old refrigerator or how to dispose of it in the Orange County area? Like you, many other people are also in this situation and, either because they are unaware of the refrigerator disposal options here in the region, or the negative impacts that this has on the planet, they are left abandoned in avenues, streets and landfills.
Thus, our article will address the disposal of the refrigerator. Check out what you will learn in this post below.
The importance of refrigerator disposal;
Losses from incorrect refrigerator disposal;
Refrigerator disposal methods.

The importance of refrigerator disposal.

Refrigerators, when they reach the end of their useful life or become obsolete for the consumer, belong to the category called electronic waste. In other words, refrigerators are appliances and are derived from electronic materials for their operation, which makes them a risk to the environment when disposed of inappropriately. Thus, as e-waste is bioaccumulative and toxic, if left in landfills, for example, its substances will react with the soil over time and, consequently, also reach groundwater and contaminate fauna and flora.
In addition, they are usually medium to large products, so they interfere with soil and urban mobility.

Anyone who drove down a street or on foot on a sidewalk and saw an abandoned refrigerator will understand, because it is a really big object, even capable of causing traffic congestion and serious problems that prevent the right to come and go.
The final disposal of waste remains the collective responsibility and, in particular, in the case of refrigerators, carrying out the correct disposal will have a great positive impact, as there are several materials that can be recycled and reused.
Losses from incorrect refrigerator disposal
As mentioned, electronic waste contains dangerous heavy metals; refrigerators, for example, may contain lead, copper, mercury, among others.
This reaffirms the need for the disposal of the refrigerator to be handled by professionals from the Ecological Disposal so that no person gets infected and the environment will not be harmed. Just to illustrate, see the negative impacts that this practice has on sustainability:
It impacts the ecosystem due to its large size;
It consists of metals and plastics that could be easily recycled, not prioritizing the most durable inputs;
Increases the chances of flooding and flooding;
The home appliance can be the target of the proliferation of insects and animals inside;
It has CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) gas, which is extremely harmful to the ozone layer.
However, the solution to prevent such damage from occurring is simpler than you might think. Thus, below you will see the possibilities of discarding the refrigerator without giving rise to unsustainable practices. Continue reading.

Refrigerator disposal methods

Reverse logistic
Both producers, traders and consumers are responsible for the proper final destination of solid waste. In this way, many companies have already developed Reverse Logistics points so that the electronics produced by the brand can be returned. So, first of all, it is worth checking if the manufacturer of your old refrigerator or that you want to replace does not work with a collection point.

On the other hand, due to the large size of the refrigerators, it may be more difficult to find Ecopoints that collect materials of this size. So, another option would be to evaluate the refrigerator you want to discard and, if it is in good condition and still performs well when cooling, you can donate it. Thereafter, the useful life of the waste will extend a little more and, in addition, it will help someone who cannot afford to buy a totally new product on the market.
As the idea here is to raise awareness about the disposal of the refrigerator, if you choose to make a donation, take the opportunity and pass on your knowledge on the subject to the person in whom you receive the refrigerator, thus at least ensuring that they are aware that in the future, should promote the proper disposal of the appliance.
Ecological Disposal

Finally, as mentioned, as it is a commonly large device, a great option for disposal is to contact a garbage solution company specialized in the Ecological Disposal of solid waste, such as Junk Solution, a local company, which covers all cities in the Orange County region. The process is simple: contact us, receive a quote, if the price is comfortable for you, schedule a date, schedule a time and place for pick-up, wait until the agreed day and watch your refrigerator be collected.
After that, we will drive the device to receive the treatment and handling due by trained people who, at the end of the process, will have transformed the natural inputs into raw materials and separated the elements that can be reused and recycled.
Indeed, it is concluded that the proper disposal of the refrigerator will result in the following benefits.
Reduction of depletion of finite natural resources;
Contribution to recycling and reuse;
Protection of the environment;
Reduction of costs in the process of manufacturing new products;
Compliance with legislative issues.

Junk Solution provides several types of services aimed at sustainable development, conscious and responsible consumption of inputs. Do you want to discard your refrigerator, other appliances or have any questions? Contact us at or call 714 495 9198

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