Considering the current scenario, many professionals had to change their work routines and
started to work from home. In fact, by spending more time at home, the use of resources like
energy and water can increase and, consequently, your bills at the end of the month.
Therefore, to reduce costs and promote sustainability at home, it is necessary to adapt and
make some adjustments in your daily life. Therefore, we will show you how to save in a
conscious and ecological way.

In this article, you will see:
What is sustainability;
Tips for saving and promoting sustainability at home.
Let’s go?

From adjusting the use of electricity and water to planning food, results that often go
unnoticed. In the next articles of this blog, we will show sustainable projects that can be
applied in companies, however, it is also possible to collaborate with the environment,
saving its natural resources and transmitting these habits to the next generations, promoting
sustainability at home. But do you really know what sustainability is all about?
What is sustainability

The term “sustainability”, according to the definition currently presented by the UN, means a

“concept that, relating economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects, seeks to meet
the needs of the present without affecting future generations. Quality or property of what is
sustainable, than is necessary for the conservation of life “.
As mentioned, sustainability has three pillars; therefore, environmental, economic and
socio-political sustainability must be considered. Economic and socio-political policies exist
only as long as the environmental one is maintained, that is, environmental sustainability
(which concerns water, air, soil, forests, oceans, etc.) needs special care from all of us so
that these three pillars continue to exist.
Tips for saving and promoting sustainability at home
Thus, so that the next generations are not harmed by the actions taken today, we have
separated some ways to practice sustainability at home and, consequently, reduce costs.
First of all, enjoy this time with your family and teach your children not only to keep their
homes organized and clean, but also to think about the future. Teach them to recycle,
separating the possible waste from your home by common organic waste, by type of
material, for example.
Likewise, another important point is to increase the effective reduction in energy and water
consumption. To save energy: use as much natural light as possible when carrying out your
daily activities and don’t leave the lights unnecessarily. Undoubtedly, a large part of energy
consumption in homes is due to the habit of leaving the lights on in empty environments.
Thus, a simple alternative to reduce energy consumption is to simply turn off the lights when
leaving each room. Also, do not leave unused electronic devices on.
Likewise, to save water:
use only the broom when cleaning the yard and sidewalk and reuse the water in the washing
machine to clean the kitchen floor or yard. Also, remember to use the washing machine only
when it is at full capacity.
Even when it comes to water, did you know that by reducing bath time from 15 to 10
minutes, it is possible to save about 80 liters of water? If the shower is electric, you will save
24,000 w per bath.

Finally, a super tip is to pay attention to one of the most expensive items in the family
budget: food. Some attitudes are already able to reduce daily expenses on this subject. The
first point is to create a list of essential items, avoiding the purchase of unnecessary items. In
addition to saving money, buying fruits and vegetables directly from local fairs, look for
promotions and research the price and brand of the products before buying them. In addition
to being a healthier solution, you will see a big effect on your budget.

In conclusion, did you see how, through details, it is possible to make a difference with
sustainability at home? In fact, changes like these, if carried out daily, in addition to
generating significant results in your budget, put into practice sustainable and ecological
actions. And Junk Solution, a company specialized in junk disposal solutions, in compliance
with the hygiene standards of its team and also respecting maximum sustainability, can help
you support respect for the environment, discarding solid waste, such as electronics and
furniture and anything that is making it difficult to use space in your home or office.

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