How to discard old furniture in Orange County

Surely you have come across old sofas or other abandoned objects on public roads, responsible for damage to health and the environment. The disposal of used furniture in Orange County in irregular locations is considered an environmental crime environmental, subject to fine with varying amounts according to the region, in Orange County there are laws encouraging recycling that must be followed.

To avoid incorrect disposal of old furniture, or any other solid waste, we provide selective collection service available for hire throughout Orange County, with flexible values and options for residential or business demands.

Understand why discard old furniture correctly

Abandoning an old mattress or other furniture improperly can generate the accumulation of waste in public places or undue burning. An antique sofa, for example, has the entire structure of chemically treated wood, meters of synthetic fabric and metals that, improperly burned, emit large amounts of CO2.

Smoke or carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming, as well as being highly polluting and toxic to living beings. When not burned, furniture is discarded on public roads resulting in flooding and pest spread. If abandoned in irregular dumps, their composition can contaminate the soil and groundwater, making it impossible to consumption of natural resources.

The conditions presented by the disposal of waste in inappropriate places, cause damage to health and imbalance of nature.

In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates all waste in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA)

How to discard old furniture?

The selective collection promoted free of charge by the city hall often does not include the removal of large furniture such as sofas, tables, used chairs or mattresses. Seeking to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment, Junk Solution operates with the Ecological Disposal of these and other waste throughout Orange County.

After scheduling via phone or email with day and time of your preference, our team attends the place properly uniformed to performance of the service. All items are removed as per initial trading and destined to the recycling center.

It is important that at the time of scheduling, information such as the number of items to be collected and possible difficulties are reported. Thus, our professionals sent to the site will be prepared for any situations and the service will be completed without eventualities. In cases of debris collection, it is important that the waste is bagged to facilitate transport.

How to recycle used furniture?

After the collection carried out in your residence or company, the waste is transported to the recycling center, where it passes through the disassembly mischaracterization and are separated by

materials. In the case of a mattress used for example, the fabric that surrounds the object, returns to textile factories as well as foam. Spring steel is 100% reused in new projects.

The same goes for other old furniture discarded through Junk Solution’s Ecological Disposal service. Only in cases where the waste is contaminated and with no chance of reuse, we perform the proper disposal sending them to controlled landfills.

In cases of objects in good conditions of use, the owner may choose to make the donation of used furniture to a partner institution of Junk Solution, or any other beneficiary of your choice. In these cases, we operate with the collection and transportation to the destination chosen by the applicant.

In addition to old furniture, we also operate with disposal of; Miscellaneous electronics; Fabrics; Remains of works and rubble; Mechanical components.

And if you are a company looking to dispose of office furniture, get to know our Corporate Demobilization service. We work with the dismantling of the environment, packaging of waste, transport to the nearest sorting shed, mischaracterization of objects and final destination for recycling or controlled locations.

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