Commercial condominiums deal with tons of solid waste and a reduced amount of garbage monthly, considering that all stores present in the space generate packaging, leftovers, material scraps, old uniforms, among others.

As the laws of the state of California point out, a shared responsibility for waste and solid waste management encompasses importers, manufacturers, distributors, traders, consumers and providers. Final disposal of post-consumer goods must be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner by waste removal companies, such as the junk solution which is a local company in Huntington Beach and covers more than 20 areas in Orange County.

What is a commercial condominium and what type of solid waste is generated?

Commercial condominiums are structures with more than one owner, that is, a single space subdivided for other members who can use it on their own or lease points for merchant purposes to third parties.

A common style of commercial condominium that generates large quantities of solid garbage and other waste is shopping centers. With stores, restaurants, markets and other businesses on its premises, commercial buildings of this type usually hire condominium waste collection services.

In this medium of generated materials, packaging is the biggest offender of the environment, considering the unrestrained use for marketing products. Both cardboard boxes, ordinary plastic, bubble wrap, wood and paper, are recyclable disposable items when disposed of correctly.

Despite the separation of recyclable waste from ordinary waste, many condominiums still face problems in managing their solid waste, including disposal. Therefore, a Junk Solution extended the Ecological Disposal service, where condominiums and various companies can contract the removal of this solid waste with guaranteed management.

How does solid garbage removal and disposal work for commercial condominiums?

We serve in more than 20 cities in the Orange County region, for that we have professionals specialized in solid waste removal, trained to mischaracterize the materials that must be removed from your commercial condominium.

We have a flexible schedule, ensuring the choice of time to remove your solid waste, according to availability. In addition, we take care of loading the material onto the truck, even in cases of rubble or office furniture.

Just make the online booking and we will contact you in less than 20 minutes, no more than that, moreover if you prefer you can call us, we have a friendly team to assist you today.

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How do your customers see the removal and / or disposal of solid waste?

When advertising a space for rent in your condominium, the possibility of having an adequate solid waste management service can be a criterion of choice for the tenant. In cases of stores coming from companies with a sustainable bias, finding a solution with the changes that can be a great differentiator.

End consumers, that is, as people who consume products and services from stores, are also directly affected by solid waste management.

When there is an awareness of consumption, it is standard that the end customer prefers to buy or hire ecological stores. In this scenario, the better the solid waste management system, the greater the chances of increasing the average sales ticket and attracting more buyers.

Research carried out in 2020, for example, points out that most new consumers prefer to buy sustainable companies, even if it is necessary to invest a higher amount. Therefore, by defining the solid waste removal and disposal service with a junk solution, you guarantee innovation and differentiation to attract new customers.

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