It is wrong to think that an office condominium produces only papers or the like. With the advancement of technology, papers have become the least of the environmental problems caused by corporate junk in Huntington Beach and all Orange County considering electronic junk, ordinary waste, old furniture and other materials.

With the arrival of the new Coronavirus pandemic, the world has also started to change habits and give proper disposal to its residues. Within these new customs, the preference for consuming ecologically responsible companies entered.

Thus, condominium offices that do not follow the rules of the environmental laws of the State of California, in addition to suffering serious penalties from the law, also run the risk of decreasing the average sales ticket.

Understand how Junk Solution can help your company

What do office condominiums normally produce?

Most of the offices have made the home office system available to their employees in Orange County and around the world, given the risks of work allocated during the pandemic. However, there are companies that keep the allocated system producing solid junk normally, even with reduced staff.

Regardless of the model chosen by companies, office condominiums must maintain the garbage collection system produced and give the correct disposal according to the environmental protection law of the state of California and Orange County.

aOne of the methodologies adopted by the administrators of condominiums is the separation of junk by type of garbage, aiming to facilitte the recycling process. Despite being effective and saving labor, the method is often flawed, given that many people make mistakes when disposing of organic waste along with recyclables.

As previously mentioned, electronic components, old furniture such as chairs, desks, cabinets and drawers, are also common office junk. Lamps, uniforms, documents, batteries, batteries and tapestry are also included in the bill.

These options are normally not withdrawn by the public service selective collection system, requiring a private service provision. Junk Solution is the best option to carry out the withdrawal, given that we have years of expertise in the sustainable solutions market, plus we are a local Huntington Beach company and serve more than 26 cities in Orange County. We are extremely friendly and professional, in addition to having the biggest trucks if you compare with all the junk removal services in the region and also the fairest prices.

How to contract the collection of junk generated by an office condominium in Huntington Beach or any city in the Orange County region?

Present in more than 20 cities in Orange County, we have a team of providers specialized in collecting uncontaminated class 2 solid waste of all types. We operate with solid waste removal and Ecological Disposal of solid junk from companies in all segments, in addition to individuals. Hiring can be done by filling out the form on our website or by calling 714 495 9198, we will be ready to serve you.

In cases of office condominiums that require periodic collection, we can stipulate the recurrence according to the requirement. Now, if the withdrawals are punctual, the budget is calculated according to the specificity of the waste.

All materials are collected at the address informed by the professionals at Junk Solution, transported to the recycling center, where they go through the process of separation, disassembly and de-characterization.

This last step is extremely important for cases where the material carries the visual identity of the brand. We take care of the destruction of the components that may compromise the corresponding company.

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