For many years, the United States has been prominent in the primary industry, encompassing the extraction of animal, vegetable and mineral inputs. Currently, we are also engaged in the industrialization of consumer goods and technology. In all sectors, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to properly dispose of industrial waste.

This concern with the destination of post-consumer goods gave rise to the National Policy on Solid Waste, established in 1965 considering the guarantee of the proper use of sanitary landfills and dumps in order to extend their useful life, solving the problem of the growing volume of waste generated .

In this scenario, Junk Solution has been operating since 2017 in partnership with companies of all sizes and segments, aiming to provide the correct destination for industrial waste through Reverse Logistics systems. Understand how it works.

What are the most collected industrial wastes?

Waste or industrial waste, as it may also be commonly called, comes from the corresponding industrial activity. In large part, industrial waste is limited to leftovers or objects damaged during production, ranging from parts and machinery to compromised products.

In the textile industry, for example, fabric leftovers, scraps and thread make up a large part of the waste produced. In cases of consumer goods companies, the fabric to be discarded usually contains dyes or other chemical products that contaminate the environment.

The same applies to beverage industries that, in addition to plastic and aluminum packaging, have a huge range of recyclables. When a batch is damaged or rejected for consumption, it must be immediately disposed of correctly.

Failure to comply with the Federal Solid Waste Disposal Act can result in fines, loss of licenses and even the incarceration of the company responsible. Therefore, the best way to manage industrial waste is to rely on Junk Solution providing services for your industry in Orange County.

How does Junk Solution help with industrial disposal?

With service throughout Orange County, Junk Solution has developed an efficient routing system, serving the main industrial regions of Orange County. The headquarters in Huntington Beach, enables the agility and efficiency of industrial waste collection in companies located in Irvine, Anaheim and more than 20 other cities.

While we can say that primary industrial wastes are natural, these wastes are capable of being virtually unable to decompose in a timely manner. In order to minimize environmental impacts in our region, take care of our society and well-being, some companies seek contracts with companies that collect common waste, however this attitude does not guarantee proper recycling.

How is industrial waste collected in Orange County with Junk Solution?

With a focus on serving companies, our waste collection and management systems can be adapted according to the needs of each industry. All you have to do is call us or fill out the form on our website, let us know the amount of trash that needs to be removed from your company and we will come to you.

We have the largest trucks in the region if you compare with local companies, we also guarantee that we have the best professionals, a team really willing to solve your problem and help you save your time and money, so it is important to emphasize that we have the best junk removal prices in the region because we are not a franchise, we are a local company and we are proud of it.

For occasional industrial waste collections, scheduling can be made according to the contractor’s availability. In this case, values ​​are calculated based on the volume and location of the material. Our employees carry out the collection of items at the indicated address. Once the material is collected, it is transported to a recycling center and we start the process of dismantling and de-characterizing the materials, ensuring that the brand’s visual identity is protected.

Junk Solution’s Ecological Disposal and Removal enables the circular economy and the disruption of the extraction – production – disposal chain. In addition, we pride ourselves on ensuring that Orange County’s natural beauty is safe and our society maintains its quality of life.

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